The Dish on Clean Eating

Eat Clean


Type “What is Clean Eating?” into Google and I’m certain you’re gonna find a wealth of knowledge.  In late January, I definitely did.

I had become intrigued by the concept, after seeing a ton of photos of delicious looking meals, my friend Toniann was posting on Facebook.   She had begun her weight loss / clean eating journey just a few short months earlier.  I reached out to her & she gave me the 411 on Clean Eating.  She even invited me to become a part of a Challenge Group she was putting together for the month of February.

And thus started my journey.

As I told her, following the birth of Lil Red I was pumped to get back into shape.  But then life happened.  Life with 3 kids happened.  I didn’t seem to have enough arms or hours in the day.  Plus as I have the tendency of doing, I over-extended myself.  Something I’m working on fixing.  Anyhoo, by January I knew that I had to do something.  I was especially tired of looking at all the clothes in my closet that I couldn’t fit into.  Soooo frustrating!

On February 1st I jumped into Toniann’s group with an open-mind & ready to make changes.

Here’s the dish on Clean Eating.

It can vary depending on who you ask.  This is what I’ve taken away the last few months.

Clean eating is the concept of eating food in it’s most natural state or as close as possible.  Enjoying plenty of fruit and veggies; lean protein; complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.  It’s steering clear from preservatives, additives and all the other junk put into most pre-packaged meals.  It’s also about eating several small meals a day (5-6); drinking a ton of water, at least half your weight in ounces; choosing organic when possible; learning how to read food labels; understanding portion control.  We’ve become this nation that is always on the Go-Go-Go, leading us to neglect our temples & more times than necessary opt for meals coming from a clown’s mouth.  As a “clean eater” you are consciously making the decision to carve time out of your day, week or month to prep good healthy food.  It’s also about embracing brown baggin’ lunch.  You’re accepting that food shouldn’t be laced with a ton of chemicals, dyes and who knows what else to taste good.

Some believe in eliminating certain foods from their diets, like cheese, dairy, sugar, white flour and fast food.  I subscribe to notion of “Everything in Moderation.” Nevertheless, I have dumped sugar, white flour and fast food, but I NEED cheese.  Ohhh just thinking about Babybel cheese, I get all gaga.

Then there are others who allow themselves a cheat meal either weekly or monthly.  A cheat meal would be considered a dish that isn’t particularly clean (i.e. cold cuts, hot dogs, donuts) or high in fat and calories.  Initially, I too allowed myself one cheat meal a week.  But I noticed how I was seeing food & becoming way to critical.  So instead, I stick true to the main concepts of clean eating, but won’t kick myself in the butt if I decide to have a bowl of Kix, a day or two after I’ve had my cheat meal.

That’s clean eating in a nutshell.

And here it is April and I MUST tell you that I am feeling AH-MAZING!  I’ve lost weight & inches. I’m almost back to my pre-preggo weight. I have a ton of energy.  My skin is glowing.  I’m working out regularly. And most importantly I have made this paramount lifestyle change, that is benefiting me and in turn my family.

I’m also giddy with excitement to share everything that I’m learning about clean eating, my experiences and the yummy recipes I’ve been trying.  So let me share with you that my go-to place for deliciousness is the wonderful blog The Gracious Pantry.   Instagram has also been a tremendous place for inspiration.  I’ve begun following other users that follow the Clean Eating Lifestyle.

I’m gonna sign off here, because chances are that I can keep talking about this.  This is what happens when I get all charged up about something.  But I will tell you this, come back tomorrow cause I’m gonna share with you my first clean recipe.

Abrazos, Sapphire


7 thoughts on “The Dish on Clean Eating

  1. OMG!! Good job!! I feel so honored to be in your blog even if it was for a moment. Lol. I am so happy that the challenge group helped you get more pumped to learn more about eating healthy. Eating clean does not have to be as boring as many people assume. It is all about the effort you are going to put into it. The same way you can search for the best french fry recipe, you can also search for the best sweet potato fry recipe. It is all about what you truly want in the end, and it looks like you want to be at your healthiest! Congratulations on making that change!

    • Thanks chica! You really helped me get on the road. The Challenge group really set me up for success. You need that support when you first something that could be intimidating. I’m so happy for you too & all the progress you’ve made. You’re an inspiration. Abrazos!!

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