Hello Monday {New Possibilities}

It’s the last week of April! Can you believe it?  We’re almost at the midway point of the year.  How did that happen?  Time really is just zooming right by.

I’m really making a point to embrace the big and small moments.  Because in a blink of an eye everything can change.  With that being said. Let’s say HELLO to a new week and new possibilities.


Hello to spending time with cousins.  The Pollitos had the opportunity to hang with some of their cousins over the weekend.  That’s always a treat.

Hello to Big Girl Time.  The Bestie & I also had our chance to spend quality time together.  Talking about life, the kids & everything else in between.

lil red

Hello Teething.  Lil’ Red has a case of the ouchies.  He’s got 3 teeth making their way down.  One in particular is about to cut through.  As a result, he’s super clingy.  He just wants me to carry him, snuggle with him & just be all about him.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to squeeze a chunky baby, but I have to get things done.  Not so easy, when I have a 24 pounder clinging to one arm.  This too shall pass, right?!?!

Hello Rockin’ Report Card.  Lil Giant brought home a remarkable report card on Friday.  His daddy and I are just so proud of him.

Hello Law Day Race.  I’m running my first race of the season with a co-worker.  Funny thing is that we’re not sure if we signed up for the 5 mile or 5k.  Our plan is to see what we’re up to running the day of our race.  Silly gals!

Hello StrawFest.  I know we just wrapped up the weekend, but my mind is already on next weekend.  Sunday, the Pollitos & I are heading back into the City to hang with a bunch of my hermanas at College of New Rochelle’s Annual StrawFest.  Just can’t wait.

Alright mi gente, let’s get it in this week!

Abrazos, Sapphire

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