Hello Monday {Friendships}

Monday again? Well, Hello!! I’m ready for you. Let’s Go. Go. Go.

How was everyone’s weekend? We had a wonderful one, spending it with new friends and reconnecting with old ones.

Now it’s time to say some Hellos for the new week.  Linking up to the Lovely Lisa.

strawfest 2013

Hello Gordita’s recital.  I’m beyond excited to see my baby girl up on stage. In truth, I’m nervous that she’ll just stand there & decide “I don’t want to dance.” because that’s something she would totally do.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

strawfest 2013

Hello Outdoors.  We were out & about the entire weekend enjoying the beautiful weather & making a ton of fun memories.  We trekked it into New Rochelle yesterday to meet up with my Hermanas for CNR’s annual Strawfest.  The kids had a great time.

strawfest 2013

Hello to Catching Up.  The beauty of good friends, is that even if you go sometime without seeing or speaking with each other, you know how to just ease back into conversation.  There’s no skipping a beat.

strawfest 2013

Hello Budding Friendships.

strawfest 2013

Why Hello Sweet Baby.

Hello Insanity.  My brother gifted me the video set &  I’ll be starting them tomorrow.  This should be interesting.  Keep you posted.

Well let’s see what this week has in store for us.  I’m ready, how about you?

Abrazos, Sapphire


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