Hello Monday {My Ballerina}

Hello Amigos!!  And why Hello Monday!  You’re here again?  So soon?

 How was everyone’s weekend & Mother’s Day?  Mine was just right!

 The highlight of the weekend was Gordita’s Dance Recital on Saturday.  She looked absolutely adorable in her costume.  You may remember that I mentioned I feared she wouldn’t dance on the BIG day.  Well I was wrong.  She shook what her momma gave her just fine.  In fact she brought me to tears.  I couldn’t help myself; I became overwhelmed with pride seeing my baby girl up there on that big stage, doing her thing.  She never ceases to amaze me.



Hello New Week.  I’m not sure about you, but I guess let’s get it started. 

 Hello Week 2 of Insanity.  Today is my rest day, boy am I thankful.  I have muscles that apparently I haven’t used in years that are all achy.

 Hello Laundry.  I’m so not ready to tackle you.  Wishing I could twitch my nose & you would wash & put your self away clothes.

 Hello to Keeping It Simple this week.

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Abrazos, Sapphire


Encouraging words on Mother’s Day #JOHNSONSBabyCares

Disclosure:  This is a compensated post in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and JOHNSON’S Baby.  All opinions are my own. 

Whoever coined the phrase “Being a mom is the toughest job.” was right on the money.  Nothing or no one can truly prepare you for the ride of your life.  Whether you’re a first timer, a seasoned mama or have multiple children, you’ll always feel challenged and sometimes even pushed to your limit.  However, I’m pretty certain that all those distressing moments will never outweigh the wonderful ones, such as nuzzling your sweet baby, playing and giggling with your son or chatting with your daughter.  These are the moments that make all the chaos worthwhile.

Johnson's baby cares

JOHNSON’S® Baby CARES, the brand’s charitable platform dedicated to improving the health of moms and babies, recently launched an e-card digital platform, which allows you to send upbeat messages to moms across the nation, all while raising funds for the global children’s humanitarian organization, Save the Children®.  Each digital Care Card created on Facebook, sent, shared or ‘liked’ JOHNSON’S Baby will donate $1.00 towards one of Save the Children’s® programs, such as Early Steps to School Success, an early childhood education initiative.

With Mother’s Day just a few short days away, I wanted to encourage the many mothers in my life.  I especially wanted to brighten the day of one friend in particular.  I met Toniann a few years back, when I was a consultant for a well known direct sales company and she was a guest at one of my parties.  We kept in contact through Facebook (of course).  Toniann is a first time mama to the cutest 8-month old twins.  She and I reconnected recently, when she introduced me to clean eating, in fact she’s now my BeachBody Coach.

I created a digital card for Toniann to let her know what a ROCKIN’ job she’s doing as a mom.

Johnson's Baby Care Card

Toniann… Happy First Mother’s Day!  I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re doing a spectacular job.  Between juggling the babies, a hefty school load, maintaining a home,  dedicating yourself towards the health & wellness of others and yours… YOU ARE DOING IT!! Your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed   You’re an inspiration!  Your beautiful twins are lucky to have you as their mother.

Is there a special mom in your life, that could use some encouragement?  Visit the JOHNSON’S® Baby CARES Facebook App to send her encouraging words on Mother’s Day.

Abrazos, Sapphire


Mother’s Day Gift {Try that Tuesday}

Mother’s Day is always a little bittersweet for me.  With my parents living in Florida, I think my Mami & I have celebrated together once in the six years, that I’ve been a mom. Unfortunately, this is another year that we won’t be spending Mother’s Day together.

Our relationship is far from perfect, in fact we don’t see eye to eye on many things. But I still love her, cause she’s my Mami.  We fight because we’re a lot alike. We fight because I’m new school & she still carries some old fashioned/off the boat ideas. We fight because she made sure to instill in me values & ideas that would make me a strong woman; so we fight. We fight because we’re mother and daughter. But no matter I still love her and miss her wholeheartedly. I miss her for me and for my children, because they don’t get to see her as often as I would like. I love her immensely because she has sacrificed a whole deal for me & has only always wanted the best for me. And now the best for my children, my husband & my family. My mami has shown me to find the beauty in everything, to look for the good in all people, to be kind & loving. I am beyond grateful to her for so many things. And love her for so many reasons.

Mami & I

In my mother’s physical absence, I have been blessed with an AMaH-Zing Mother-in-Law. I hear so many horrendous stories of mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws hating each other and just being horrible to each other. And I count my blessings. My relationship with Lydia Mom is a great. We go shopping together, we hang out, not because we have to, but because we enjoy each other’s company. We laugh together & at each other. A lot! She shares her recipes with me. That lady can throw down in the kitchen. We argue too. Like mother and daughter. But all in all, we have a beautiful relationship. I am grateful to her for raising a great guy, my husband, Robert. I am grateful to her for loving my children with all of her heart. I am grateful to her in being my go-to babysitter. And for so many other things.

Mom & I

With the help of Pinterest and Mandy over at It Will Change Your Life, the Pollitos and I created sweet gifts for both of these spectacular ladies. Here’s our inspiration. What mom or grandma doesn’t love photos of their lineage?! Plus what woman doesn’t love flowers?! So here you have the best of both worlds.


Supplies needed:

  • Mod Podge
  • Acrylic Paint (colors of your choice)
  • Small containers found at Dollar Tree
  • Skewers
  • Reindeer Moss
  • Wood chip Flowers
  • Glittered Butterfly and Flower sticks
  • Photos of your choice

Both the Lil’ Giant and Gordita had a chance to paint the flower wood chips. Notice Gordita’s hand. This slick little toddler decided to scare her daddy & I by cutting herself. Her “red boo-boo” as she called it, nearly gave me a heart attack. Sigh!

While the flowers were drying, I went ahead & cut the photos, using my handy circle cutter. Once dried, I mod podged one photo in the center of each flower.

I had to wait for the mod podge to dry, so in the interim I used a green marker on the skewers to make them resemble flower stems & then hot glued the wood chip flowers to the skewers. Sorry no photos there.

I then went ahead & stuffed the flower pots with brown grass filler and taped the top of the pot, like so.  The idea was keep the skewers stable and in their place.

After taping, I began adding the flowers, along with the glittered butterflies and glittered flowers at staggered heights and depths into the pot. Once I got the desired look, I added the reindeer moss. And….

Here’s the final product. A cute-sy flower pot with personalized photos of the Pollitos for their Abuela (my mom) and Mom (my MIL).

And here’s the one to my mom before I shipped it out. I’m sure she’ll be pleasantly surprised to receive this in the mail. I can just hear her now… “Aye, Mami I lobe (insert Colombian accent here) my geeft. My babies are beauteeful. You make me the happiest granma in this world.” Mark my words folks, she will say some version of just that.

Did you go the personalized route this year, and make your mom, grandma or MIL a special gift? If so, please share.  To all my mom readers, I do hope you get pampered this Sunday and enjoy your special day.