Listen to the Beat {Running Music}

I’ve been hitting the pavement quite a bit as of late, and having a great time with it.  However, I recently did a 5 miler race with my co-worker & let me tell you that it went horribly.  I wasn’t a quarter of a mile in and I wanted to quit.  I just couldn’t find my groove, my legs felt heavy & my brain foggy.  Lousy race or not, I did manage to finish but with a weak time of 53.4 minutes.  I’ve known for some time that every run won’t be my best; I just hadn’t realized that neither will be every race.

Two days later I ran my typical four miles, did great time and enjoyed myself.  Go figure!

I wonder if my new playlist had anything to do with it.  I have to admit my previous running playlist had gotten pretty stale.  I’m one of those runners that NEED their music.  There’s two schools of thought when it comes to music while running.  The purist are all about listening to their bodies, their breathing, foot falls & taking in the scenery.  While runners like me use the music to zone out, get into a groove but also take in the scenery.

I put my new playlist together on Spotify.  Here’s what I’m rocking to these days, a little bit of hip-hop, house and pop.

may running playlist

Do you ever find some runs or races are better than others?  How about music are you a purist or do you need your tunes?

Abrazos, Sapphire


Boston Marathon: Senseless Violence

As many others, I was stunned by the events at yesterday’s Boston marathon.  It’s been difficult to grasp the utter and complete senselessness of it all.  The total disregard for life.  How anyone could find it acceptable to turn such a highly regarded sporting event into a nightmare.

Similar to the NYC Marathon, the Boston Marathon has a pulse of its own.  It’s this amazing event, where thousands of people from all walks of lives, push themselves to the physical test of running 26.2 miles.  An extraordinary feat.

 Since making running my sport, I have learned and recognized that the running community has a beautiful spirit.  When I began training for my first half marathon, I was quickly welcomed into the fold.  There’s this connection between runners that I can only explain as, an understanding and appreciation for the time we spend pounding the pavement & our personal accomplishments of endurance & love for the sport.

So, when my best friend broke the news to me about the bombings, I was overwhelmed with anguish.  Anguish for the runners who trained so hard & didn’t get their well-deserved glory.  Anguish for those who lost their lives.  Anguish for the injured.  Anguish for the families involved.  Anguish for Boston.  It absolutely saddened my soul.

But even in that moment of despair, we heard of greatness among first responders, volunteers, spectators & even marathoners.  A time for redemption.  Proof that there is plenty of good left in humanity.  And that when we are faced with adversity, we understand the need to ban together and challenge those with malicious hearts.

I leave you with this poignant quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

mlk light dark qoute


Hello Monday

The weather is absolutely beautiful today.  Crisp and Sunny.  Fall is making it’s presence known.  This great weather has put me in a FANT-abulous mood.  Ready to tackle the week.

I’m ready to say the following Hellos…

Hello squeezable cheeks.  My little guy is getting stronger and bigger by the day. SIGH!

Hello running sneakers.  I’ve pulled them out of the closet & am ready to hit the pavement today.  How I’ve missed my alone time with my iPod and the road.

Hello to the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, which begins September 15th.  I have some fun activities planned for the Pollitos.

Hello dance class. Gordita will begin ballet & jazz come Saturday.  I am so so so excited.

What are you saying Hello to this week?

Linking up to the Lovely Lisa.

Missing the Run

It’s here! It’s here!

Run for the Red Marathon, it’s this Sunday.

And I’m gonna miss it.  So so totally bummed about it. I really am. I had expected to run it again this year, but well life threw me a curve-ball, hasn’t it?!  Said curve-ball is due in August.

About 2 years ago, I took up running. Prior to that, any running I did was because I absolutely had to, either as a part of a sport or cardio training on a treadmill. It wasn’t my preferred method of workin’ it. But that all changed, when I joined the First Strides Program, offered in my area. First Strides is a great walk / run workshop, geared towards women of all ages. The program ran for 12 weeks and during that time, I went from being able to run for about a minute to completing my very first 5k. I also happened to gain a passion for running & meet some very nice women.

Moí following the first 5k I completed…Pocono Family YMCA 5K.

That passion led me to train for the Run for the Red Half-Marathon Relay Race.  Plus I lucked out again, by pairing up with a group formed by the local running store, Aardvark Sports Shop. We began training in early February. Our first day out the thermometer read 2 degrees at 6:30 a.m. Yes, 2 itty bitty degrees.  I was already petrified that I couldn’t finish a 6 mile run, let alone contend with the freezing temperatures. I hung back with a friend I met at First Strides, and completed the 6 miles. A tad frost bitten. Ok, how about more frosty than I would’ve liked.

But by completing that initial run, it was made very clear to me, that I was stronger than I gave myself credit for and that I could certainly train and complete the half-marathon.

Week after week of running I felt stronger. The last few inches of reminiscent baby fat disappeared. I found a friend in the pavement. My thoughts came freely & many times I worked through problems I was having, while out running.  I had some pretty crappy days out there too. I came close to throwing the towel in, but the high I felt when I completed my first 5K, pushed me along. I wanted to feel that sense of accomplishment again. And I did!

Here’s our training crew pre-race.  From left to right…Me, Katya, Darlene, Jody, Barb & Rick.  They were an awesome group to train and run with.

Almost at the finish line with Darlene. Just about 2 miles away & it’s VICTORY!

Never in a million years, would I have thought that I would run a race.  And enjoy it at that. But I did! For this year, I had every intention to up the challenge and run the full marathon. I guess so much for that. Instead I’ll be volunteering at the race. Help the runners going & cheer them on.

Good Luck Runners. You’ve all worked so hard. GO GET IT!!

I’ll meet you at the starting line next year. Watch out!