Seven Months

Yes, it’s been roughly seven months since I’ve showed my face around these parts.  I can’t believe it’s been that long.

A lot has changed in these past 7 months, from our location to employment to school and much more.  There’s so much to fill you in on. I’ll definitely get to it, little by little.

In the mean time, I wanted to share with you a fun craft I whipped up last week.  Can you guess what it is?  If you’ve been reading for sometime, chances are you know how obsessed I am with wreaths.  I love making one for the month’s theme. And since we’re celebrating LOVE this month, I knew I wanted to spread some throughout my home & front door.

While organizing my craft closet, I came across some burlap, which I forgot I had. I grabbed one of the many wreaths, I’ve picked up from the Dollar Tree, and began wrapping the burlap around the wreath.  Following that I went rummaging through the rest of my stash and found red ric rac, along with some cute Valentine themed fabric.

Burlap Valentine's Day Wreath

With the fabric and ric rac I created a cluster of flowers, which included yo-yos and kanzashi.  From there I created a pennant banner from the burlap and fabric.

Burlap Valentine's Day Wreath

Here’s a close-up of the cluster. I just love how the kanzashi flower came out.  I have a strong feeling I’ll be making more of them. I envision some cute headbands for my daughter.  And there you have this month’s front door happiness.

Come back for a visit this week, I expect to be back.

Abrazos, Sapphire


Lovely Lavender Wreath {Try that Tuesday}

For some time now I’ve been wanting to try my hand at a yarn wrapped wreath.  And finally this weekend, after a not so successful attempt at potty training the Gordita, I got to it.  Making the wreath that is.

What took me so long to get motivated & make this cutie, is beyond me.  It was certainly one of the easier ones that I’ve made & über cheap to do so.  In fact I see a few more of these on my horizon.

Just like the Valentine Wreath I previously made, I used pipe insulation for the base of the wreath.  Once taped into a circle form, I began wrapping the yarn around it, using a bit of hot glue to keep the yarn in place.  The wrapping process felt like it took FOR-EVAH!  Good thing for HGTV.

Once the form was wrapped, I began perusing Pinterest for felt flower tutorials. Ok, can I tell you there are a ton of wonderful looking felt flowers hanging about in Pinterest land.  And I want to make them ALL!  But I digress, as usual.  I decided to go with the rolled pom pom from Mrs. Priss and Make It and Love It’s dainty flower. These too were very easy to recreate and aren’t they darling?  When I began placing the flowers, I realized the wreath needed a little something else, so I added a multi-color felt pennant.

And here we have it… a pretty little thing.  Which I dropped in the mail to my mom. I hope she loves her surprise, as much as I do.

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Entertaining Wreaths {Try that Tuesday}

Yes sir! You read right. I’ve gone ahead and created yet another wreath, in fact two wreaths. I tell you, I just can’t help myself! They are just too cute and generally very easy to assemble. The added plus is they make your home feel welcoming.  Well, the two that I created weren’t for my home. I donated them to the Tricky Tray fundraiser, I planned for Pollito #1’s school.

Now where else do you think I found my inspiration? But Pinterest of course. The first one a Balloon Wreath was shared on one of my favorite blogs, HowDoesShe?com. As soon as I pinned this wreath, I knew I would just HAVE TO recreate it.

Wouldn’t you want to go to a birthday party, where this is hanging on the front door. I sure would!

For my wreath, I went with a girlie theme and picked up 2 packs of hot pink, purple, pink & white balloons (72 count), greening pins and I already had the straw wreath.

I went ahead and added a hot pink and white polka dot ribbon to allow it to hang.  There you have it. My version of the balloon wreath.

The second wreath I mimicked was another Pinterest find, a Cocktail Umbrella Wreath. I went searching high and low for those little parasols. After having no luck at Walmart, Shoprite and the liquor store, it finally dawned on me to check Party City. Sure enough, I popped in and they had tons and tons of cocktail umbrellas. Score!

Armed with my straw wreath and miniature umbrellas, I got to work. This was definitely the easiest wreath I’ve made to date.  I was done in a little less than an hour.  All there was, to it was, sticking the umbrellas into the straw wreath. I kept the wreath covered in it’s plastic, so that the straw wouldn’t get loose and make a mess. I added a yellow satin ribbon with the left over greening pins I had, to hang the wreath.

And VOILA, my darling Cocktail Umbrella wreath. Perfect for a Summer Luau.

These super cute entertaining wreaths caused quite a stir among my PTO mom friends at the Tricky Tray. They’ve requested that I duplicate a few for them. They’re feeding into my addiction. I. Love. It.

Do you have a go-to craft? One that you just can’t get enough of?

Easter Egg Wreath {Try that Tuesday}

By now you, I’m figuring that you’ve realized my obsession with wreaths. I go pin crazy, when I have a moment to steal on Pinterest. I’ve even dedicated a board to this infatuation of mine. And have re-created a few of my pins, here, here, here and here. My latest creation is inspired by this super cute Easter Egg Wreath.

Ain’t it adorable?! I especially loved how easy it looked to put together.

I popped into the Dollar Tree yesterday, grabbed 3 bags of plastic eggs, 2 bags of glitter-y plastic eggs and a bag of basket grass.  I was a bit bummed that they didn’t have the shiny grass, since it would’ve given it an additional pizzazz. Boooo!!  I already had the straw wreath, which I got off of Freecycle awhile back. So this little project cost me $6. A price tag right up my alley.

After putting the pollitos to bed & while watching The Voice, I began hot gluing the plastic eggs onto the straw wreath alternating colors. Once satisfied with the look, I added the grass by using a pen to get it into the little crevices, as suggested by Lindsey at Mom and Wife.

And TA-DA! Here’s my SUPER cute Egg-y wreath on my front door.  I’m thinking that door needs a bit of a scrubbing. Hmmm!

Valentine Wreath {Try that Tuesday}

If you’ve been wondering, where have I gone. I haven’t gone far. Just needed sometime away from Blogland. Some time to spend with my thoughts and family. Some time to balance the craziness of my day-to-day. I’m yet to be totally balanced. I mean I’m a mom that MUST juggle a dozen hats and tasks, just cause. I do it to myself. But, I’m feeling close to my normal self & looking forward to spreading some Valentine cheer.

My obsession with wreaths continue.  I. Just. Can’t. Help. Myself. Today’s inspiration came from this lovely XO Wreath available at TwoInspireYou’s Etsy shop. I’m so digging the originality and daintiness of the wreath.


And this is what my “knock-off”, made with crepe paper looks like.



  • Pipe insulation for base
  • White & Pink Crepe paper (streamers)
  • Clear fishing wire
  • Polka Dot Ribbon
  • Glue gun and plenty of glue
  • Scissors


I had previously seen on The Crafty Scientist how Mel used pipe insulation as the base of her wreath. The price tag of the insulation appealed to me enough to make a trip to Home Depot.  Just as she bends, shapes and cuts the insulation, I followed suit. You can see how Mel did hers here. Btw- check out her wreath it is way adorable.


To craft the X of the wreath. I cut the insulation in half, laid one half on top of the other, as though making an X. I pin pointed the middle and cut a portion out of one half, in order to fit the other half into it. I used the hot glue gun to secure the X into place.


Here I have the base ready to get decorated. In fact I painted the X and O, pink and white, respectively, just in case there was some peak-age. And later secured them together by using the fishing wire.



I then began working on the crepe paper. I cut the pieces just about at arms length, crumbled them and then began rolling them into flowers. I found a good tutorial for making crepe paper roses here.  Once my roses were completed I began hot gluing them onto the pipe insulation in a suitable pattern.  Pretty simple, right? Except for the fact that I had to use my fingers and so, my fingers seem to attract hot glue. OUCHIE OUCH!!


Here’s a view of the door a bit further back. All in all I’m very pleased with how my XO wreath came out. And I especially love the price tag of just around $8.


Have you been working on any Valentine Day crafts?

Candy Cane Wreath {Try that Tuesday}

FIVE days and counting!!  And I’m pleased to report that my To-Do list is dwindling.  YAY!!

Looks like another Try that Tuesday is upon us.  This week’s Pinspiration is a fun Christmas Card Wreath made with clothespins shared by Jess at Craftiness is Not Optional.  I love the cuteness factor, along with the simplicity of the project.

I went a different route with my “wreath” and made a Candy Cane instead.


Wanna know how I made mine?  Check it out….


Supplies used:

– Clothespins (I used 38 – packet comes with 36 from Dollar Tree)

– Wire Hanger

– Ribbon

– Red & White wood paint

– Pliers

– Plastic Hook

– Box (as recommended by Jess, I used a diaper box)

The hubby even pitched in with this project, by forming the wire hanger into a candy cane for me.  It’s always good to keep a strong handsome man around. =)

Here, I used that handy diaper box to clip on the clothespins and paint them.  I applied two coats of paint and made sure to get into all the nooks & crannies.  Once the paint was dry, I placed the clothespins onto the wire hanger and added the ribbon.

I found the perfect spot for my Candy Cane “Wreath” right in the kitchen.

I like how it compliments the candy cane platter I have on display.

And there you have it, how I made my clothespin Candy Cane.  Are you still crafting your little heart out?  This may very well be my last craft project until after the Holidays.

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For the Love of Wreath

Have I mentioned lately, how much I absolutely ADORE Pinterest?!?!  Well if I haven’t let me say it yet again, how head over heels I am about you Pinterest.  I can get lost for hours browsing and getting inspired.  As of late, I’ve been pinning a ton of wreaths and I’ve taken a liking to some felt ones, like this one and this one.

Since, I had thrown out most of our Fall outdoor decorations, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try my hand on one of those cool looking  felt wreaths.  I took a quick run to the Salvation Army & scored a wreath for $.89, along with some other goodies that I have plans for. {Insert evil laugh here.}  I picked up orange, red, yellow, tan & brown felt at AC Moore for just under $5.00.  I was already liking this project, because it was sure to cost me, next to nothing.

I rounded up my supplies, which originally included:   I would add a few more into the project.

  • glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • scissors

I first began by cutting strips out of the felt.

Once cut, I began rolling the felt.  But wasn’t totally satisfied in how they were looking.  And because, I’m still gettin’ a hang of these progression photos, I didn’t get a pic of those rolled flowers. DUH!  Anyhoo, I did a little Google search and came across these felt flowers, which were too cute and so, I changed up my strategy.  Ohhh, Google how I love how you have all the answers. Ok, maybe most.

So here we have it. I found an old CD and a plastic top from my daughter’s snacks and began stenciling and cutting.

Check out what looks like a felt sandwich.  Yum!

Once all my circles were cut, I began cutting them into spirals.  I did two at a time, in an attempt to save time.

Next step was to roll them.  I added a tad bit of glue in the beginning of my rose to hold them and just continued on.  I even double rolled some of them to add girth, like this one below.

I will say this, this is a bit of a tedious project.  I watched Burlesque and a re-run of “Criminal Minds” and managed to get these…

Once the rosettes were completed, I began placing them on the wreath, using plenty of glue to secure them and carefully trying to alternate the colors.  And here we have the completed wreath.


So for under $6, I crafted an original wreath for my door, which I’m certain to use again.  Funny, how when I pull into my driveway I smile when I see my loving made wreath.


What project have you recently completed that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside?

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